#RedCupCheer – Make some NOISE!


Hi, I’ve got some great news to share. Deafway have been shortlisted for a Starbucks UK and neighbourly.com competition. We’re one of 200 charities and what we’ve got to do is called ‪#‎RedCupCheer‬.

Out of those 200 charities 100 are guaranteed £500 and the other 100 are going to receive £1000. And that decision of who gets what is going to be decided by you. We need your support, the more support we get the more likely we are to receive £1000. If we get less support we are still guaranteed £500.

You can support us via Twitter, we need you to tweet or to retweet as many times as possible and it’s #RedCupCheer and then add @DeafAnimateur. Or you can visit neighbourly.com. Sign in there and then follow our charity page, we need to spread the word.

Whether we get £500 or £1000, that money is going to go to our Dream Activities project. It’s for residents who live here at Deafway. It’ll provide them with the opportunity to do something new. Our residents are Deaf people who have additional needs and the money will give them the opportunity to try a variety of new skills. It could involve learning how to ride a bike or to go diving with sharks.

So remember, please support us. It’s #RedCupCheer @DeafAnimateur. So please work with us, look at our page and tweet us for the next three weeks (16th November – 6th  December 2015).