Lancaster Deaf Centre

Currently, Lancaster Deaf Club is open every Tuesday afternoon for a social activity, and on other days for ad hoc events as organised by the new committee.

Chairman’s welcome

At our AGM on Saturday 22nd June 2013 a new committee was voted in to post. As chairman of that committee I would like to welcome everyone to the future of Lancaster Deaf Centre.

My first task is to thank the outgoing committee for all their hard work over the past number of years.

We have revised and formally accepted a new constitution for Lancaster Deaf Centre.  This sets up the parameters under which the Centre will be run. An electronic copy of this is available on request and a printed copy is permanently displayed on the Centre notice board.  A BSL video is also being made of the constitution.

We are looking to build on relationships set up by the previous committee including more use of the Centre by D/deaf Children’s groups, Young D/deaf Children aged up to 16 and of course we want to maximise the use of the Centre by the more traditional groups of D/deaf people. In addition, there remains the opportunity for groups to use the Centre for Sign Language courses or Deaf Awareness Training.

We are aiming to have more social events in the coming months and we may appoint a committee member to the role of Events Co-ordinator.

We welcome ideas from all our members in respect of social events we might like to provide and how the Centre is used for regular social evenings. Please contact us by email or by contacting an individual committee member at the Centre.

We look forward to seeing all our members at the Centre and thank you for your support.

Richard Simkin