Equal Rights, Equal Lives?

UPDATE 13.10.2017 Access to Leisure Questionnaire – Active Nation.  Click here to download questionnaire

UPDATE 04.07.2017 Open meeting with Service Providers Wednesday 12th July 5.30pm – 8pm. Please join us.12th July Poster

UPDATE 05.06.2017 Open Meeting for Deaf Community Friday 30th June


UPDATE 23.02.2017 We have completed the research and have put a report together based on the findings. To see the report please click here

We have any exciting news to announce… Deafway has recently received funding from the Big Lottery Fund for a new project which will help tackle barriers faced by Deaf people in Lancashire. Have look at Simeon Hart’s video (below) for more information and contact us if you’d like to know more.

“Hello my name is Simeon Hart and I would like to introduce myself as I am now working with Deafway focusing on a project called “Equal Rights – Equal Lives?”. This is a very important project as it is an opportunity for Deaf community to share their barriers in everyday lives. We want to collect and record evidence of these barriers. This “black and white” report will be very powerful to campaign to service providers on how to improve their access for Deaf community.

This project will take about 6 months from the start to finish and will cover a range of areas such as leisure, health, employment and education and other areas in life. Within these 6 months will conduct a series of Open Community Meetings maybe in Blackpool/Lytham, Preston, Lancaster and Burnley to cover Lancashire. If you are interested to be involved, please contact us to find out when we’ll be hosting an Open Community meeting in your area.

There will be confidential individual interviews during the second phase of this project to gather in depth information and this will contribute towards the report and to create a recommendation –  this will be shared publicly via a ‘Feedback Community Meeting’ to ensure the Deaf community are happy with the report and recommendation and have nothing more to add.

The third stage of this project will support a variety of Deaf individuals to set up meetings with service providers such as sport centres, health centres or MPs using the report [as evidence] to improve access to their services. So that you and the Deaf community will face fewer barriers in everyday life.

If you are interested to get involved, please contact me via email to come to one of our Open Community Meetings or get involved in the interviews. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks.”

Email Simeon: simeon.hart@deafway1.org.uk