Were you at Clin d’Oeil Festival 2015?

Transcript: Hi! Do you remember Clin d’Oeil festival in France? Wasn’t it amazing? So many people came together from all over the world. Deafway, our charity, also went – maybe you remember seeing our postcard in the packs that were handed out? Please don’t forget to support us to help D/deaf people in Nepal at this terrible time. We really need your donations to support vulnerable D/deaf people in Nepal who lost their homes and schools in the recent earthquakes. Please help us ensure D/deaf people in Nepal are not forgotten. Visit our website to donate online at www.deafway.org.uk.

Choose a link below to donate online. Or send a cheque addressed to ‘Deafway’ to Deafway Nepal Earthquake Appeal, Deafway, Brockholes, Brow, Preston, PR2 5AL, England.

UK Donor Donate with JustGiving and PayPal This allows us to claim tax back through Gift Aid
USA Donor USA donors will receive a tax deduction through CAF America
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