Isle of Man

In 2013 Deafway produced the “Life Less Equal” Report please find the full report here.

The purpose of this research project was to acquire as clear a picture as possible of the current situation of deaf people living on the Isle of Man. In particular, the aim was to discover whether they enjoy the same quality of life as hearing people and, if they don’t, to make recommendations as to how to change this situation for the better.

This research was restricted to those deaf adults who are profoundly, pre-lingually deaf, plus those who attended a school for deaf children or who received other specialist education. The research focused on 10 specific areas of deaf people’s lives and a total of 25 deaf people, ranging from 18 to 89 years were interviewed, plus 14 of their hearing relatives.

For 12 months following the report we had a Deaf Champion working full time on the Isle of Man campaigning to improve living conditions for D/deaf people.