Navajyoti Deaf School, Sindhuli

This is the second school for D/deaf children that we built in Nepal. It is the only Deaf school in the Janakpur Zone, which is comprised of six Districts and spreads the entire width of Nepal from India to Tibet. The school now has over 80 pupils aged 4-19 years old. The majority of the pupils come from very poor families and some are orphans or have been abandoned. In Nepal, there is very little Deaf Awareness, and many D/deaf children do not get to go to school and those who do are often stuck in mainstream classes where they understand almost nothing. This leads to a bleak future of isolation and deprivation.

The language used throughout the school is Nepali Sign Language (NSL). The result of this is that the pupils have full access to everything which is communicated both inside and outside the classroom – and thus are free to learn, to make friends, to play and to fall out- in fact to do everything that should be part of a normal school experience. This is why the Navajyoti Deaf School is such a special place and why we at Deafway are so proud of our partnership with them.

Over recent years the Nepalese Government has begun to increase the support it gives to the school, for example the government now pays for the pupils’ food and for some of the teachers. However, there are still significant gaps. Our first priority therefore is to raise the funds needed to support the staff costs and other running costs that cannot be met locally– without which the school would close. We have received funds from a variety of sources and we would like especially to thank the Rotary Club of Preston Guild and the Rotary Club of Preston for the tremendous efforts they have put in to helping to raise funds to support these costs.

Our second priority is to raise the funds needed to complete the repair and rebuild work following the earthquakes in 2015. Our third priority is to build additional classrooms and dormitories to meet the ever increasing pupil numbers. If you would like more information on this school, to help us fundraise or are considering making a donation please contact


This is a short documentary filmed at Sindhuli Deaf School in Nepal in 2011 by Susannah Hynes, in a volunteer capacity, for Deafway. Please note we have put ‘best guess’ subtitles on, based on the voice interpreter rather than directly from the Nepali Sign Language – so we are sorry but the quality is not as you would expect for a native language! The quality was also reduced in order to upload it.