Following the Earthquakes

Our school for Deaf children in Sindhuli was a wonderful, happy, safe place until the earthquakes of 25th April and 12th May 2015 hit. These recent terrible earthquakes hit the school very badly and caused severe damage to the buildings. The children and staff are sleeping outside in makeshift tents because it is unsafe for them to go back inside the buildings. And the aftershocks are still continuing.

Government officials have visited the school and assigned red stickers to the two-story hostel and a row of classrooms meaning they will need demolishing and rebuilding. Thankfully, a row of three new classrooms, the kitchen/storeroom and toilets have each been given green stickers - meaning they are safe for now but may need minor repair work.

So far it has not yet been possible to acquire a full engineer’s report and an estimate of the work needed to rebuild this school. We are doing all that we can to raise enough money so that work can begin as soon as possible to give children who have lost everything a safe place to go and the stability that a school and its teachers can offer. The children are still sleeping in tents and staff members and volunteers are doing everything they can to look after their immediate needs.

If you can help us repair the damage at this school by making a donation please donate today – even a small will help us towards make this school safe again.