Our Partners in Nepal

When we work in Nepal we do not work through the government, but in partnership with the National Deaf Federation of Nepal (NDFN) and/or a smaller local Deaf organisation with expertise and staff that we know and trust.

NFDNThe NDFN is a civil rights organisation, established in 1995, of, by and for Deaf individuals. It is a member-led organisation with over 35 affiliated Deaf associations. It is non-governmental, not for profit and not associated with any single political party. It is registered with CDO-Kathmandu and with the Social Welfare Council.

Throughout the year, our Project Officer Dipa, who is employed by the NFDN and line managed by Deafway, has continued to support and monitor our work. Dipa travels the country to visit and feedback on all of our projects. In this way we are able to evaluate the success of individual projects and ensure that our funders’ monitoring requirements are met.