St. Anthony’s School for Deaf Children – Nkosi.

“I feel like, when I’m here, this is home for me.”

A short documentary about St Anthony’s School for Deaf Children
presented in British Sign Language. Produced for Deafway by The Casey Trust.
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“When my parents brought me here, I was really very very very happy.” 

St Anthony’s provides an education in Ugandan Sign Language and written English for Deaf children – without this school most of the pupils would never have the opportunity to learn how to communicate at all. The school is between Kampala and Masaka, close to the trading post of Nkozi. In Uganda, many D/deaf children do not get to go to school and those who do are often stuck in mainstream classes where they understand almost nothing. This leads to a bleak future of isolation and deprivation.  

“If it is time to play, we play…and we are developing…very much!” 

At St Anthony’s School for Deaf Children the children are able to make friends, learn, fall out and play- in fact, to do everything that should be part of a normal childhood. We are proud to open the door to language and education for these children but the conditions at the school are very basic and it is a constant struggle to find funding.

“Since 2012…Deafway started funding our school…we have been able to get professional teachers, who are trained as teachers and then they learn Sign Language from the school.” (Father Anthony, School Founder)

Prior to Deafway being able to provide this support, the school was living a precarious ‘hand to mouth’ existence. The staff would regularly have to go without pay (meaning that many of them left when they had a chance of another job which would pay them each month) and there were many times when food stocks ran extremely low leaving Anthony (the Director of the school) very concerned that he would be unable to feed the children. Our support is made possible thanks to donations from wonderful Trust and Foundations and generous individuals as well as the  proceeds of fundraising events.

In 2016 a small team of amazing people participated in the Ugandan International Marathon and raised funds in aid of our work with this life changing school. You can read more of their story in the Uganda Marathon pages of our website.

Below is a message of support from Ken Howard, Chairman of The Casey Trust, a generous supporter of the school – Ken has seen the school for himself and can testify not only to its success but also to the need for short term continued funding. If you are a member of a Charitable Trust or Foundation please consider supporting us. It might be one of the most important things you will ever do.

[Download transcript]