Deaf-ICS 2014

“…it made me who I am today, it gave me a strength….stronger than I ever was before, it helped me to believe in myself moreI didn’t give up easily like before and it has made me keep trying until I ran out of energy! It made me feel positive about my future.”

Emillie, Deaf-ICS Volunteer 2014

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After the success of first Deaf International Citizenship Services (Deaf-ICS) volunteering cycle, Deafway and VSO partnered again to host another all Deaf programme in Cebu, The Philippines from September to November 2014. A group of Deaf British volunteers paired up with group of Deaf Filipino volunteers to work within a variety of organisations, schools and local groups to empower the local Deaf community.


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“The volunteering experience will serve as a good start for me in becoming a Social Worker. Having set up a project during the three-month program has made me reflect on my personal accomplishments boosting my self confidence and self-esteem.”

Pippa, Deaf-ICS Volunteer 2014

Team photo 2014