Sensory Rooms

“[He] loves it in there, he would spend all day and night there ..!”
(Shelly, Team Leader, Residential Services)

What is a multi-sensory room?

Our multi-sensory room uses specialist lights, vibrations and scents to create a visual, tactile and olfactory experience. It is a therapeutic space for our residents, especially those with autism and chaotic behaviour to take some time out. They can also use it as a space to meet with their visiting family and friends.  

Sensory RoomWhy do we need it?
Many of our residents struggle to focus their energy and to engage with daily life. This means that stress-related and chaotic outbursts are common. It also means that it can be difficult for our residents to maintain a state of psychological wellbeing where they can communicate comfortably with their families, friends and carers.

Multi-Sensory Room

How can it help?

  • It alleviates frustration and makes it easier for our residents to communicate.
  • It is a safe and positive space where our residents can go when they need either stimulation to aid focus or alternatively a calming atmosphere to dissipate anger.
  • It reduces stress and prevents chaotic outbursts.
  • It acts as a “chill out zone” following an unavoidable chaotic episode.

Multi-Sensory Room


Special thanks go to:
The Kirkby Foundation, PK Accommodation Ltd, Suresite, and the staff and friends of Deafway for their fabulous Stilettos Night Fundraiser.