Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training

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Deaf Awareness training is vital for anyone who may, in the course of their work or daily life, come into contact with D/deaf people. D/deaf people would include:

  • People who have lost their hearing (deafened)
  • People who have significant hearing loss (deaf)
  • People who were born without hearing and are users of British Sign Language (Deaf)

Under the terms of the “Disability Discrimination Act” (1995), (which has undergone significant changes to bring it up to date in 2005), it is unlawful to discriminate or deny equal opportunity to anyone because of their D/deafness.  Many acts of discrimination are not deliberate. They are often carried out due to a lack of knowledge and awareness of D/deaf people’s needs and the best way to work with and for D/deaf people.

Deaf Awareness Training aims to provide the necessary knowledge and awareness, giving people, both individuals and organisations, the opportunity to learn about D/deaf people.

Deaf Awareness Training includes:

  • Ranges and causes of deafness
  • The Disability Discrimination Act
  • Communicating with D/deaf People
  • Using a Sign Language Interpreter
  • Insight into the Deaf Community
  • Deaf Culture and Organisations
  • Basic communication tactics (greetings, etc.)
  • Specific issues within the workplace


Deaf Awareness Training Courses can be held at Deafway, or at your workplace/ premises.


We usually operate with groups of 8 to 16 members.


Courses can be a half day or full day. We will tailor the courses to meet your company’s needs.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Nothing is needed from you other than enthusiasm, commitment, and a willingness to learn!

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