Heriot-Watt University Placements

Deafway offer two placements per semester to Heriot-Watt University for their students who are currently studying to become interpreters in a four-year degree course. During the placements, students have an opportunity to work alongside Development Officer and Animateur, focusing on a variety of cultural, heritage, art and international projects that we cover in the UK and across the World, they also work with our Activities co-ordinator, arranging activities and events for our Deaf residents. It is a challenging placement but provides excellent opportunities to interact with Deaf/hearing staff, residents and the local Deaf community.

Since September 2014, we have had the pleasure of welcoming three students from Heriot-Watt University’s MA (Hons) BSL Interpreting, Translating and Applied Language Studies (BSL programme). As part of the course students are expected to complete a 50 day work placement in the third year, with the aim being to emulate the experience gained by spoken language students when they go abroad and immerse themselves in the language they are studying. The idea of this placement is that students will spend time in a   Deaf organisation, working daily with Deaf people and using BSL on a regular basis, while gaining insights into issues of relevance to the Deaf community.  The student is expected to contribute towards to the work placement by participating in routine duties and current projects, however they are not expected to engage in any interpreting tasks.  They are encouraged to observe interpreters in a wide range of settings at Deafway such as informal Leadership Team Meetings (LTM), formal LTM, handovers and any other appropriate meetings that Deaf staff are involved in. The student will follow Interpreters rules relating to confidentiality and the code of conduct as described by NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professionals with Deaf and Deafblind people) regarding the meetings/handovers they observe.

These student placements have been a valuable asset for Deafway providing support and enabling us to maintain our wide variety of projects and work.

Edit: We have welcomed six students so far:

Virginia Dugo, Lisa Li, Samuel Rojas, Tanja Jacobs, Jamie Doyle and Rowan Mcleod.

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