BSL Level 2

British Sign Language Level Two

Upcoming event: Next Intensive British Sign Language Level 2 course will commence on 24th January 2018. Further details click: British Sign Language Level 2 leaflet

We run an ‘intensive’ course for the BSL Level 2 qualification – there are 3 units to study, over 3 months.

Unit 201 – 3 days on 24th to 26th January 2018

Unit 202 – 4 days on 21st to 24th February 2018

Unit 203 – 3 days on 21st to 23rd March 2018

To register your interest and receive course information / updates please contact Ryan Lewis on 01772 796461 or email


Students will study three different units throughout the course -1 mandatory, plus 2 from 3 optional themes. As units are completed, students will be assessed.  Once the 3 units have been successfully completed, and assessments successfully passed, students will be awarded with a Signature accredited certificate in British Sign Language.  The three units are:

  • Sign Language Receptive Skills
  • Sign Language Productive skills
  • Sign Language Conversational Skills


 Students must have successfully completed Level One British Sign Language and be prepared to undertake an additional 50 hours of self-study in addition to the required classroom time. (Alternatively, a student may be able to demonstrate to our tutors that they have sufficient knowledge and experience of BSL to move straight to a Level Two course – please contact us for a tutor assessment in this situation).


 This course is designed for those who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding to communicate with Deaf people in their first language in either social, vocational or professional situations, participating in longer and more open-ended exchanges than at Level One.

To register your interest and receive course information / updates please contact