Match Funding

What is Match Funding?

Match funding is a simple way to maximise your fundraising efforts. If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy, any money you raise could be matched (doubled) by your employer. Companies may match the fundraising total for an event, or for the stall that their employee is working on. Usually, the employee will need to supply them with a letter from the organisation detailing the date and nature of the event, together with the total raised.

Please contact with details of your event, how much your have raised and the contact details of your employer if you need a letter.

How can I find out if my employer will match fund?

We understand that the high street banks, building societies, supermarkets and large corporations are likely to do match funding, but these schemes are not exclusive to the major corporate giants. If you work for an independent company, they may be interested in charitable giving through match funding too.

How can I help Deafway to raise more money?

We would be grateful if you could see if your employer has a match funding scheme, or if they are willing to match fund any of our events. If you can’t help out this time, but you know the company you work for has a match funding policy, please let us know. This could be a really large source of income for us and help us raise money to help provide access and create opportunities for D/deaf people.

If you are able to help us this way, please let Nicola know and we can discuss your companies’ requirements.