Uganda Marathon

Would you like to join us for the International Uganda Marathon next year 2017? If so, this is an opportunity for all.

Myself and 8 others travelled to Uganda last year and we had the most amazing time, it was fantastic! I would certainly recommend it to you and I’ll be going out there again too. Of course we’ll also be booking a fully qualified volunteer interpreter to travel with us to Uganda.

When is this happening? Next May 29th until 6th June. What is it? It’s the International Ugandan Marathon.

Why should you go? Personally it had an amazing impact on me so I’d highly recommend that you should go.

Deafway have a project with the St Anthony School for the Deaf, a school that they have supported for many years as the school recieves no government funding . Last year myself and the team visited the school for a couple of days to meet with the children, it was amazing and gratifying to see where the money we had raised goes to supporting this school.


Deaf Runners on the Equator